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The construction of the Panda Information AFC System project is progressing together

Panda Electronics  2023-05-30

During the key period of the company's Digital transformation, the Panda Information Digital City R&D Center focuses on new highlights of digital economy development, and fully guarantees the construction of rail transit projects while ensuring the promotion of digital transformation. 

1. The factory acceptance of some batches of terminal equipment of AFC System Integration Project of Nantong Rail Transit Line 2 Phase I Project has been completed.

2. The AFC system project of Suzhou Metro Line 7 has passed prototype acceptance.

3. The online intelligent customer service that can achieve remote customer service and remote control and other auxiliary operation functions is being orderly promoted and will be accepted in the near future.

4. The northern section of the AFC project of Nanjing Line 7 is in the warranty stage, while the southern section is in the equipment installation and commissioning stage.

5. The second phase of the Nanjing Metropolitan Area Smart Ticketing Platform (ACC) has successfully passed the second design liaison meeting.

6. The AFC project of Zhengzhou Metro Line 7 is in the stage of terminal equipment appearance design.

7. The second phase AFC project of Xuzhou Metro Line 3 has completed the third design liaison meeting and prototype finalization work. The procurement list is currently being determined and is preparing to enter the module procurement work.

Panda Information will orderly promote the operation of multiple projects, ensure high-quality completion of project construction, win more credibility and reputation for the company, and lay a solid foundation for future market expansion.

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