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The National Key Research and Development Program led by Panda Electronics has officially launched

Panda Electronics  2023-05-19

On May 6th, the launch and implementation plan consultation meeting for the National Key R&D Program - Industrial Software Special Project "Key Technologies for Intelligent Operation Decision of Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises Supporting Dynamic Reconfiguration" led by Panda Electronics was held in Nanjing. The General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Panda Electronics Mr. Hu Huichun, the Chief Accountant of Panda Electronics, General Manager and Secretary of the Party Committee of Panda Equipment Mr. Hu Dali attended the meeting.

Opinions from domestic experts from various aspects were heard at the meeting. As the leading unit of the project, Panda Electronics will fully play its core role, coordinate four universities and two state-owned enterprises, form a multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research team, and smoothly promote the completion of national key research and development tasks.

At the meeting, Mr. Hu Huichun, on behalf of the company and project team, welcomed the experts and leaders attending the meeting, expressed gratitude to the participating units and personnel for their efforts, and looked forward to the smooth launch and subsequent implementation of the project. He also introduced the development process of Panda Electronics and pointed out that the company attaches great importance to the research and development work of this project and will actively follow up to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. Hu Huichun also issued letters of appointment to experts from Nanjing University, Shandong Xiaoya Group, BYD Communication Signal Research Institute, China Academy of Information and Communications Techonogy, etc.

The Special Office of the High tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology Zhang Mengyue interpreted the basic principles and specific requirements of national key scientific and technological research and development projects, hoping that Panda Electronics will vigorously provide support, the project team will take the initiative to benchmark the guidelines, do a good job in application demonstration, and ensure the smooth progress of the project. The project leader, Professor Li Xiaoping of Southeast University, introduced the implementation plan of the overall project, the tasks undertaken by each research group and the schedule.

Participating experts and members of various research topics conducted inquiries and discussions on the plan. Experts unanimously believe that the implementation plan of the project is feasible and agree to start the project.

Hu Dali expressed gratitude to the experts for their valuable opinions and hoped to establish a long-term communication and cooperation mechanism, build a new front for industry university research cooperation, jointly deepen the project, and successfully complete national key research and development tasks during the project promotion process.

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