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Panda Equipment won the bid for a key project of new display industry in Shaanxi Province

Panda Electronics  2023-04-10

Recently, Panda Equipment, a subsidiary of Nanjing Panda Electronics Co., Ltd., successfully won the bid for the G8.5+ LCD substrate glass production line project of Hongyang Display (Xianyang) Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Caihong Company, and won two high generation LCD glass hot end semi-finished production lines G8.5-X1/X2, with a winning amount of over 32 million yuan.

The Xianyang G8.5+ substrate glass production line project covers an area of 730 acres and plans to build 16 hot end kilns and 8 cold end production lines. After completion and production, the project is expected to produce 5.82 million substrate glass pieces annually. It’s a key project in the new display industry in Shaanxi Province.

The bidding of this project has taken the first step in the cooperation between Panda Equipment and Hongyang Display for the subsequent production line construction of the G8.5+ project, and has laid an important foundation for the further expansion of the company's products in the Shaanxi market. At the same time, Panda Equipment broke the decades long monopoly of foreign companies in the high generation glass industry.

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