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Panda Equipment Assists Hefei Caihong's 5th Generation 8.5 LCD Substrate Glass Production Line in Ignition and Production

Panda Electronics  2023-03-20

Recently, the Hefei Caihong G8.5-5 LCD substrate glass production line pool furnace project undertaken by Panda Equipment was successfully ignited. The Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xinzhan High tech Zone Mr. Xu Bin, the Chairman, General Manager, and Party Secretary of Caihong Display Devices Co., Ltd. Mr. Li Miao, the Chief Accountant of Panda Electronics, General Manager and Party Secretary of Panda Equipment Mr. Hu Dali, attended the ignition ceremony together. This marked the successfully operation of the 5th G8.5 LCD substrate glass production line constructed by Panda Equipment.

In 2020, Panda Equipment and Caihong jointly developed the first domestically produced overflow method G8.5 substrate glass production line with fully independent intellectual property rights, which was successfully mass-produced at the Caihong Hefei base, breaking the bottleneck of domestic high-generation substrate glass production technology and achieving a breakthrough from "0" to "1". In March 2022, the second phase production line pool furnace ignition was achieved and put into operation. The successful mass production of the project laid a solid foundation for the improvement of the construction efficiency of the G8.5+substrate glass project in the future, and became an important symbol of the continuous scale and high-quality development of the domestic substrate glass industry.

The successful ignition of the G8.5-5 LCD substrate glass production line furnace marks a new stage in the large-scale construction of the domestically developed high generation substrate glass industry. It is of great significance for breaking the monopoly of foreign countries on the high generation glass substrate market, accelerating the creation of a new pattern in the domestic substrate glass market, and achieving high-quality development.

In the future, Panda Equipment will further focus on development strategies, promote the optimization and upgrading of the domestic tablet display industry, and enhance the level of automation equipment.

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