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Panda Manufacturing developed well in the first half of the year

Panda Electronics  2021-08-10

Under the background of increasing uncertainty of the external economic environment, slowing down industry growth and rising costs of raw materials and labor, Panda Manufacturing has actively promoted lean management, strengthened management effectiveness and information construction level, continuously carried out R&D and innovation, and made great efforts to explore the market. In the first half of the year, the company has achieved good performance and completed 70% of the annual tasks.

While completing the sales work of LCD T-CON board, SMT department closely follows the needs of BOE, reasonably arranges the production schedule and improves efficiency. At the same time, actively explore the external market, and extend the business from consumer electronics to automotive electronics and white household appliances. In the first half of the year, it completed the production and sales of about 0.4 million automotive electronic products and about 1.2 million white household appliances, and achieved a cumulative sales revenue of about 30 million yuan. The injection molding business segment actively expands its market business and unswervingly transformed to the white appliance assembly business and auto parts business.

The company takes informatization as an element of enterprise development, promotes interactive innovation and continuous optimization of data, technology, business process and organizational structure, and forms a sustainable competitive advantage. Give full play to the role of SAP system, improve material turnover and reduce long-term inventory. The company introduces new technologies and processes, widely adopts online automatic assembly, detection, cutting, coating, packaging and other equipment, and improves the automation, digitization, networking and intelligence level of production.

Panda Manufacturing will continue to develop in accordance with the blueprint of the 14th Five-Year Plan, gradually introduce advanced technology and equipment according to market demand, and establish sustainable manufacturing advantages.

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