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‘FPD Engineering Automatic Transfer System won the Municipal workers’ ten major scientific and technological innovation achievements.

Mr. Shi Baoqian, the Project leader, was awarded the Nanjing May 1 Labor Medal

At the commendation meeting of the 2nd Municipal workers’ scientific and technological innovation awards held on August 30, the FPD engineering automatic transfer system of Panda Equipment Company won the title of ‘municipal workers’ Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Achievements’. Mr. Shi Baoqian, the project leader, was praised and awarded the Nanjing May 1 Labor Medal.

FPD engineering automatic transfer system was started in 2010 and completed in the end of 2013. It consists of 3 parts including the line cartridge automatic transfer and storage system, substrate transfer system and substrate receiving and transmitting system. When talking about the award, Mr. Shi said: the complicated control technology and high processing precision of this project made us pay more attention to every detail. We met plenty of problems during the R&D. The award is the recognition of the collective wisdom of our team.
At present, the system has been applied in the G6 and G8 LCD lines, as well as the CF project of CEC-Panda. During the R&D process, the technical team applied for 33 national patents including 18 authorized patents and 3 software copyrights.
The technological level of Panda Equipment Company shown in the project of FPD engineering automatic transfer system is in the leading domestic position. In the future, Panda will apply the key technologies of this project to the upstream and downstream producers of glass substrate. The company will integrate the technologies of robot, intelligent control, intelligent sensing and information intercommunication, and further exploit the market of intelligent plants. With the construction of several key projects, the FPD engineering automatic transfer system will bring significant economic benefit in the coming years to Panda and China.

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