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Panda Electronics Hosts Employee Badminton Contest

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Panda’s founding and the 60th anniversary of the “Panda” brand, as well as to enrich the lives of our fellow workers, the Fifth Panda Electronics Employee’s Badminton Contest was recently hosted at Panda Equipment Zone’s Employee Fitness Center. Over fifty players from six different company branches entered. After three rounds of fierce competition, the Panda Industry team won first place, with Panda Information and Panda Equipment taking second and third respectively.

This badminton contest consisted of Mixed, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Singles, and Women’s Singles. Once the contest started, it was one intense and exciting match after another. The players put their all into the game: clear shots, lift shots, smash shots, and other high-level plays that the audience applauded. It did not matter if the players were men or women, young or old, amateurs or experienced, everyone enjoyed the competition and happiness badminton brought.

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