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Company Leaders Shown Their Concerns about Workers in a High Heat Environment

Despite a constantly high temperature in Nanjing during the hottest summer days, the staff on front-line have stuck to their posts to ensure the smooth production. On the afternoon of August 9, Mr. Song Yunfeng, CPC secretary of the Company, Mr. Hu Huichun, vice general manager of the Company, and Mr. Du Xiantie, Chairman of the Trade Union visited and showed their concerns about staff working in heat environment on behalf of the Party committee, the HQ and the trade union of the Company.
At the Huage branch’s Extrusion Factory, the Company leaders expressed care to the staff and learned a lot about their lives, as well as the production and business of the factory. The leaders fully confirmed the high standard of production site management and demanded strict heatstroke prevention and labor protection for the safety of the employees.

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