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  Nanjing Panda Electronics Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is a core company within China’s electronics industry. It was founded in April 1992 solely by Panda Electronics Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ‘PEGL’), which is regarded as the cradle of China’s electronics industry. With shares listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange in May and November 1996 respectively, the Company was the first enterprise to issue A+H shares in the domestic electronics information industry.
  Focusing on intelligent manufacturing, modern digital cities, smart cities and electronics manufacturing service (EMS), it has greatly developed core equipment of intelligent manufacturing and system integration services. These services include development plans for smart plants, together with four keys for smart city businesses which include intelligent transportation, safety within city public facilities, intelligent buildings and information network devices. It has also developed EMS business with excellent supply chain management capabilities and intelligent, flexible and production services. The Company is proactive in international cooperation and has established several famous joint ventures such as the Nanjing Ericsson Panda Communications with L.M. Ericsson Company from Sweden. The Company has a domestic leading position in scientific research and development. The Company has also formed a comprehensive technical innovation system with one state-level R&D center and eight provincial & municipal-level R&D centers. It has passed the ISO-9001 certification, established a quality management system and an advanced enterprise management information system.  
  The Company has undertaken multiple important domestic key projects and was awarded the state science and technology progress award and Jiangsu Provincial science and technology prize. As a high-tech company, it has been ratified by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as a company with ‘contractual completion honors’ and as an outstanding enterprise in Jiangsu province.
  Facing a new trend of economic development and under the guidance of ‘Made in China 2025’, the Company is committed to become a domestic top-ranking  enterprise in the electronics information field with optimized product structure and enhanced R&D and to also promote a high level of service quality. With independent and controllable key technologies, high brand values & corporate values, increased return on investment, the Company will provide its customers with industry leading intelligent manufacturing equipment and system solutions. Also, the Company will provide excellent core products and system solutions for a smart city.


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