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Welcome to the Website of Nanjing Panda Electronics Company Limited.

Our Company has experienced a historical journey of development which spans eighty-seven years of growth. We started our business in Changsha, Hunan Province, and developed at the foot of a popular landmark icon called Purple Mountain in China, which paved the way for self-improvement, courage to bear responsibilities, perseverance and brave advancement. We received acclaim as the cradle of China's electronics industry.

A period of sixty-seven years established our brand. From consumer goods such as military radio and receivers, television sets, to the industries of smart manufacturing, smart city, electronic manufacturing services, "Panda" relied on an identification of excellent quality with products and premium services to attract world-wide customers. We created “Panda” gold success medals and enjoyed a well esteemed reputation associated with the first well-known trademark in the Chinese electronics industry.

Our Company has been listed over twenty seven years on the China stock market. Through reform, opening up our doors and striving hard in market competition, “Panda” started a new strategy of fulfilling its responsibilities, continuing its mission of providing benefits to employees, rewarding investors and contributing to society at large.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to “Panda” customers, shareholders, partners and everyone who cares about “Panda”. Nanjing Panda continues to enjoy sustainable and healthy development due to trust, care and support.

We look forward to receiving your continuous support and help. In the journey of innovation and development of the enterprise, we will all share success and create a brilliant future thorough sincere cooperation and joint development!

                                                  Chairman: Xia Dechuan

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